4 tips to help you buy a great Christening gift for your Godchild


Becoming a Godparent is a great honour. Your Godchild's parents have chosen you to play a special role in their child's life and a lovely way to mark this occasion is to buy a thoughtful christening gift. Unsure how best to do this? Our tips will make it easy...


1. Check what gifts your Godchild's parents are requesting

There are a lot of traditions surrounding christenings, not the least of which is the tradition of friends and family buying christening gifts for the child. Because this tradition is so widely known parents can sometimes find there are two or more of the same gift given to their child.

To avoid this it is becoming more popular for parents to write a wish-list that guests can check, like a wedding registry, or for them to ask for money to be put into a savings account for the child. Some parents may even ask for donations to be made towards a charitable cause.

It's best to first check with parents what they are requesting. This way you can make an informed decision as to what gift you want to buy, if you are going to donate, or if the parents would love for their child to receive a special gift from you as the Godparent.

2. Decide if you want to give a traditional or modern Christening gift

As with everything to do with a christening it is important to think about tradition. When it comes to christening gifts silver is a popular metal and colour. This tradition began in the Tudor times but was firmed up in the Victorian era when gifts of fundamental value started to be given at christenings.

A silver gift was seen as an investment for later life which is why gifts such as silver spoons, cups or money boxes have become popular christening gifts. However, most silver gifts given at christenings definitely have a traditional feel even ones like jewellery boxes or engraved cufflinks.

It's important for you to decide if you want to give your Godchild a traditional gift for their christening, or whether you would rather give them a different type of gift that you think will be cherished.

Some ideas that make great non-traditional gifts are children's books, photo frames, christening certificate holders and even bears.

3. Think about when you want your Godchild to enjoy the gift

You're not only a Godparent while your Godchild is young. Being a Godparent is a responsibility that lasts a lifetime. With this in mind try to decide if you want to buy a christening gift that they will enjoy as a child, that can turn into a cherished memento, or whether you would prefer to buy a gift that they can use when they are older.

Sometimes its very easy to only imagine your Godchild as a baby, but before you buy, make sure you do try to imagine them as an adult. After you've done this, decide if you would like them to get the most enjoyment and use out of the gift when they are young or when they become an adult. This will make it easier to narrow-down the type of christening gift you would like to buy and will make the process a little easier.


4. Make it a unique Christening gift

As mentioned earlier, it is not unusual for the child being christened to receive the same gift twice. With you being the child's Godparent it's a little more important for your gift to stand out in the crowd.

You don't have to spend an extraordinary amount of money on your Godchild for your gift to be special, but sometimes making sure your gift has that extra 'something' is a good idea to create a christening present that will be cherished.

We believe that taking the extra step of having a christening gift personalised can make all the difference. It can turn a lovely gift to a child into a memento that will be looked back on fondly, even when they are an adult. Or it creates a gift designed for an adult that will always remind your Godchild of the love you have for them.

Here at The Personalised Gift Shop all of our gifts can be personalised, from our traditional christening gifts to our children's books or engraved frames, so if you want to give your Godchild a unique christening gift feel free to browse our website.