3 Easy tips for buying Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

It's getting close to that time of year when you want to show your inner romantic and buy the perfect gift that will make your other half swoon... but how? Romantic gifts are notoriously difficult to buy, but this doesn't have to be the case – our 3 tips break it down and make buying romantic Valentine's gifts as easy as a long walk along the beach.


1. Get out of your gift-buying comfort zone


It's very easy to fall into a comfort zone when you're buying gifts for the one you love, we all do it, especially after you've already bought them a fair few gifts. For instance go-to gifts fit for most occasions are aftershaves or perfumes, but whilst this shows you 'know them' after the first time the romance of it is gone – it's become normal and normal is definitely not romantic.


To get out of your gift-buying comfort zone write down the things your other half likes or that you know they are interested in. This may seem obvious but you'll start to spot things or come up with gift ideas you may not have thought of before. This will also help you to avoid getting something you would like for them – do they really want that giant stuffed bear or do you just think it's sweet?


Also, noticing different interests of your other half is a great way to show them how much you love them and highlighting that you notice these different things will make sure the romance is alive every time you give them a gift.

2. Don't buy a mundane gift


Whilst one of the key aspects of romance is being thoughtful there is an area in the Venn diagram of relationships where thoughtfulness and romance do not cross. For instance, even if your other half eats Digestive Biscuits or Monster Munch like there's no tomorrow, buying them huge multi-packs of the stuff won't make a romantic gift. It will be thoughtful or could make them laugh and that'll get you points we have to admit, but when you come to the definition of a 'romantic' gift we're afraid that a load of their favourite food will always be remembered as 'sweet' or 'funny' but not 'romantic'.


If you want to break the barrier into romantic gifts then an ordinary item won't cut the mustard. This does not mean that the gift has to be expensive, but it does have to have a certain 'something' about it that shows you've made the effort and thought outside the box. To make an ordinary gift romantic you need to show that you've put in the effort, not that you've necessarily spent a lot of money.


3. Make your gift unique


A great way to make a gift romantic is ensuring that it's something made especially for your other half. There are a variety of ways you can do this – from making the gift, or at least part of it, yourself to having it made especially for them.


As a personalised gift company we understand that whilst the expression 'it's the thought that counts' is often accurate, a way to take a gift to the next level is to put that 'thought' onto the gift. .


For instance, we mentioned earlier than buying a mundane gift isn't romantic. Buying a set of wine glasses because she loves wine is definitely on the cusp of the line between a mundane and good gift, however, when you have those glasses personalised with a message telling your other half how much you love them, it just makes them that much more thoughtful, special and, above all, romantic.


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