14 Affordable but Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Sometimes you want to really spoil your other half on Valentine's day but the budget just isn't there. Don't fret, our 14 date ideas are romantic, thoughtful and really won't break the bank this year!




1. Build a fort

A great idea for younger couples or those that are just young at heart. Gather all the pillows, sheets, duvets, airers and pegs you can find and get building a fort in front of your TV – The sofa can also be a handy prop. Once you've built your fort, line the floor with any left-over sofa cushions and duvets to make a cushy little hiding place you and your partner can curl up in for a night of watching movies, having cuddles and anything else you'd like!


2. Dine at home

Sometimes the meal is the most expensive part of Valentine's day with places often charging £20+ for a steak, £15+ for a bottle of wine and then everything else adds up on top. However, in supermarkets you can usually get two steaks for £10 and that same bottle of wine for £5 which means that you can still have that indulgent Valentine's meal for a fraction of the price. To make it even more special why not cook, quickly change into something fancy, and then light a few candles before you eat to give your dining room a romantic ambiance.


3. Splurge on Dessert

Have you ever experienced the childish joy of only going out for desert? Eat your main meal at home and then get dressed up and just go out for desert and drinks to give your Valentine's date a memorable twist. This is such a fun way to keep the costs down this Valentine's day and if your other half loves a little giggle and has a sweet tooth then they are sure to love it.


4. See a Local Band

Sometimes trying to see popular artists you love can be frustrating when tickets sell out at an alarming rate and then reappear at twice the price *cough* Ed Sheeran *cough*. However, most of the artists at the top of the charts started in local pubs and clubs that charge very minimal fees for a ticket, so why not try and find some local talent at a place near you. Even if the music isn't great, there'll be plenty of drinks available at the bar and its sure to create a great story!


5. Use Restaurant Vouchers

Like we said earlier, eating out can add up, even if the restaurant has a set menu, so there's no shame at all in looking for decent vouchers that will allow you to eat where you want but with an impressive amount knocked off the bill before you even walk in!


6. Stay Home and have 'Fancy' Take-out

Sometimes you just don't want to cook on Valentine's Day but loathe the idea of being shoe-horned into a busy restaurant with other couples that aren't even two feet from you. However, a surprising amount of nice restaurants will do take-out versions of their food and some can even be delivered and then eaten with drinks you grabbed from the supermarket – Happy Days!

Here's our quick list of places that do take-out that might surprise you:


Pizza Express



7. Bag a budget break or spa day

Going on a mid-week break can be such a great way to treat your Valentine and help them to de-stress and unwind. Going on a romantic break or having a spa day doesn't have to be expensive either as there are plenty of vouchers that can be bought to make sure romance doesn't have to break the bank!


8. Explore Somewhere New & Take Disposable Cameras

Take the day off work and make the most of your spontaneity! Go exploring somewhere you've never been by either driving or taking public transport and a few disposable cameras to document your journey. If you go by car, take a coin and every time you reach a junction flip it – heads for right and tails for left – or if you go by public transport just get on whatever bus/train takes your fancy (enquiring which one you'll need to get back) and see where the wind takes you. This date creates great memories, will give you plenty of stories to tell and afterwards you'll even be able to put the photos into an album to enjoy long-after!


9. Comedy club

Local comedy clubs are often surprising and much better than you would think. Tickets for comedy shows at these places are also very reasonable so it's worth having a meal at home and then going out for a night of stand-up entertainment – and if its bad, well there's always a bar and a great story!


10. Love notes and photos

This one is full of sweet gestures but takes a little bit of planning. Leave him or her little love notes on and in their things that they will find throughout the day – in their car, in the work-bag, their wallets/purses, their lunches – and the fun bit is that these notes can be romantic or down-right sexy (as long as you know no colleagues will see it!) but will remind them you're thinking of them throughout their day. Then when they get home, try to arrange a lovely meal and maybe even some bed-room antics with your other half's enjoyment in mind!


11. Go Star Gazing in your Back Garden

There aren't many things more romantic than going star gazing with the one you love, so after a lovingly prepared meal why not take your other half outside, lie down and stare at the stars? Admittedly this date will need a bit of planning this time of year and is made easier if you have a waterproof picnic blanket and sleeping bags that are big enough to fit people with coat, hats and gloves on!


12. A do-nothing day

Sometimes it's just nice to do nothing with the one you love. Next week go shopping for food on Monday night, book Valentine's day (Tuesday 2017) off work and plan to keep the phone and laptop use to a minimum/cut them out for a day. You can have a long lie-in together, eat breakfast in bed, watch movies, cuddle up and just enjoy each others' company. Make it special, just don't make it busy, make time for 'Us'.


13. Teenage date

What sort of 'dates' did you go on as a teenager? A trip to the arcade, bowling, mini golf, popping to a supermarket for snacks and then going to watch a cheesy film? The reason you did this as teenagers is because it was cheap and fun so recreate this feeling as an adult with a date based on your teenage years.


14. Have a sexy game night

Sometimes it's fun to play board games with your other half, on Valentine's day we feel that its better to play 'sexy' games with your other half to spice up the evening. Games like strip poker or kinky scratch cards can be fun if you're an adventurous couple, but if that sounds a little intimidating then it can be fun to play a Valentine's movie drinking game while watching a rom-com or playing with Romantic Rewards scratch cards.


Bonus Feature

If you're really not one for Valentine's day romance then we'd suggest perhaps trying Mammamia's Valentine's Day drinking game – we've not tried it ourselves, but it looks like a LOT of tipsy fun!

If you're also looking at buying a gift for your other half then why not try out our Valentine's Day Gifts? We've got loads of ideas, whether you're looking for him, for her or just something a little romantic.