12 Father's Day Traditions from Around the World

Father’s Day isn’t all about giving cards, ties and socks to our dads. In many places around the world Father’s Day is celebrated in a completely different way to how we mark the occasion in the UK.


Father’s Day in Thailand is always held on the same day as the King’s birthday (currently December 5). The King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, gives a speech to the people of Thailand and many wear pink to honour him.

In addition to the speech, children give their fathers and grandfathers Canna Lilies as a special gift.

Italy, Spain and Portugal

Italians, Spanish and Portuguese all celebrate their dads on St Joseph’s Day.

Although this day is on March 19 while our celebrations are always in the third Sunday of June, they often give their dads cards and gifts in the same way we do. In addition to this many religious families go to church.


Germans celebrate Männertag, where gatherings of men young and old walk the streets of their towns and cities with wagons full of beer and local food.

They spend the day drinking and eating and in recent years police have been on high alert due to the fracas that unfolds as a result of the all-day drinking.

Statistics show that there are three times as many drink-related traffic incidents on this day compared to the rest of the year.


An annual 21-kilometre race is held on Father’s Day in Mexico, the Carrera del Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan.

This happens on the third Sunday in June every year and families will often also have parties and gifts for their dads on the day too.


Gokarna Aunsi is the name given to the celebration of dads in Nepal. Its literal translation is ‘cow earned no moon light’.

On this celebration day sons will touch their foreheads to their father’s feet while daughters will put their foreheads against their father’s hands.

Gifts are given to fathers and many people gather at the Gokarna Temple to pay their respects to fathers who have passed.


Russia doesn’t have a day especially to celebrate fathers. Defender of the Fatherland Day is when all men, not just fathers, are celebrated in Russia.

On February 23 parades are held and women give the important men in their lives (not just dads) gifts. In 1918 on this date there was a mass draft into the Red Army during the Russian Civil War.

This celebration originally began as a military commemoration and in modern parades soldiers are still honoured. The day is commonly referred to as ‘Men’s Day’.


Flowers are a big part of Father’s Day in Japan, along with handmade beer glasses, wrapped sweets, perfume and more.

They celebrate on June 21 and the day is known as “Chichi no hi” in Japanese.

To celebrate the day the family will sit down to a meal of seafood.


The celebration of Father’s Day has only become popular in India in the last 10 years or so, and has been influenced by celebrations in Western countries which is why it is also celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Although awareness of the holiday is greatest in the bigger cities, news of Father’s Day is spreading to more rural areas of India.


Barbecues are a big deal in Brazil on Father’s Day. Originally fathers were celebrated on August 16, the day of St Joachim who is the patron saint of fathers, grandfathers and godfathers.

But the day was moved to the second Sunday in August to give dads more time to spend with their families. Their barbecues are called churrascos and feature all kinds of meat for people to enjoy.

Father’s Day was initially thought of in Brazil by a newspaper publisher in 1953.


The award for the cutest name for Father’s Day goes to Taiwan. They celebrate Baba Holiday on August 8, and even the date has a meaning.

The number eight is pronounced ‘ba’ in Mandarin Chinese. ‘Ba ba’ is the name for dad, and so the 08/08 is ba ba day!

It’s not an official holiday but children are reminded to appreciate their dads and families often go for a meal together and give gifts of red envelopes containing money.


The last country in the European Union to recognise Father’s Day, Romania joined in with the celebrations in 2010. The second Sunday in May is set aside for Father’s Day following a campaign from a Romanian support group for dads, the Alliance Fighting Discrimination Against Fathers (TATA).

Despite being official, many Romanians still don’t celebrate it or acknowledge it.


Families in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo hang skeletons outside the front doors of their homes to honour their dads. Unlike most countries, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in July every year.

This model skeleton represents Padre Esqueleto (Father Skeleton).

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