10 Valentine's Gifts She's Guaranteed to Love!

We've decided to take all of the hard work out of gift-buying for Valentine's Day this year. So all you need to do is sit back and relax while you pick one of the gifts on our list, in the knowledge that your Valentine will love them all, no matter which you choose!


1. Valentine Gift Box

This cute little gift box has everything your Valentine could want on the day of love – heart shaped jellies in a heart shaped mug, romantic rose petals, love heart sweets and a cute little love-monkey. To make this gift even more romantic it all comes in a little box with a 'Be My Valentine' gift card that can be personalised with your names.

Get the gift for only £22.99.


2. Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Sometimes its best to keep things traditional when it comes to Valentine's Day Gifts and what could be more traditional than heart-shaped jewellery? This stunning silver necklace and pendant in a personalised box is a gift that any woman would be happy to receive on a day made for romance and beautiful gestures.

Get the Gift for only £29.99.



3. Personalised Love Tiles Poster

This thoughtful framed print is sure to put a smile on her face this Valentine's day with its personalised letter tiles that hold both of your names. What better way to show you're 'together forever' than interlinking your names? - Very romantic.
Get the gift for only £19.99.



4. Personalised Red Wine & Engraved Glasses Set

Since red is the colour of love we thought we'd include this soft, fruity wine with a personalised label in our list of gifts. This present also comes with two wine glasses that can be engraved with any loving message of your choice to make your gift truly unique.

Get the gift for £55.99.



5. I Love You Gift

Nothing epitomises Valentine's Day more than saying 'I Love You' so why not say it with a bit of panache? This 'I Love You' gift helps you go all-out and declare your love for your other half with a certificate that is personalised with both of your names. On top of that, this gift box also includes a love poem, a heart pendant, love-heart chocolates, scented rose petals and scented candles – the perfect package for a romantic Valentine's Day.

Get the gift for only £20.00.



6. Personalised His and Hers Mugs

You may think your other half isn't the cutesy kind but deep down, or even on the surface, she is going to love the idea of having a gift where there's a matching element to it – it's just so cute. These love mugs not only have a great design on the front but also give you the opportunity to have any message of your choice printed on the back to make them unique to only you. Oh, and don't worry if you're in a same sex relationship, these mugs also come in a 'Hers and Hers' or 'His and His' option.

Get the gift for only £17.99.



7. Chocolate Heart Tray

Valentine's day is made for chocolate and indulgence so treat her to a large heart-shaped tray of heart-shaped chocolates – can you see the theme here? The best bit about this gift is that even after she's indulged in over 50 chocolates the beautiful wooden tray, with a personalised greetings card at the bottom, can be used to keep all her favourite knick-knacks – the gift that keeps on giving.

Get the gift for only £14.99.



8. Personalised Photo and Message Teddy Bear

Sometimes you just know that your other half would love something cute on Valentine's day and if that's the case then this adorable bear will be right up her street. To make it even more romantic this bear wears a little white T-shirt that can be printed with her favourite photo of the two of you as well as a personalised message – the perfect chance to tell her just how much she means to you.

Get the gift for only £18.99.



9. Love Wood Photo Frame

If her favourite photo of you two deserves to be printed and framed then this great oak veneer frame is just what you need for her Valentine's Day gift. Engraved with the word Love and a tiny heart at the top of the frame this designs leaves you plenty of space to have a personalised message or important date engraved at the bottom. A lovely gift that will make her heart do backflips this Valentine's Day.

Get the gift for only £19.99.



10. Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Personalised Photo Cushion

However, if she's already got more framed photographs than you can count, this romantic heart shaped cushion holds the perfect solution. This cushion can have any photograph of the two of you printed into a heart centre with a loving message of your choice printed below. A perfect addition to any sofa that she will love to show off as proof of how thoughtful and romantic you are!

Get the gift for only £16.99.