Personalised QR Code Cushion


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  • A great gift that uses the magic of QR codes to display your personalised message
  • Simply scan the cushion to reveal your personal message
  • Scanning apps are free and available on most smartphones and tablets with cameras
  • A fun gift that uses new technologies to display your personal message

This cushion is printed with a QR code which links to a web page with your personal message on it. It's a great gift idea for anyone who's a little bit geeky or someone who likes to make thing technical.

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Personalised QR Code Cushion product image

Using the magical powers of QR codes this personalised cushion shows your personal message once the front of the cushion is scanned with a smart phone or tablet.

Okay so it’s not too technical actually, simply tell us your personal message which is then stored and only displayed when the front of the cushion is scanned using a Quick Response scanning app that can be downloaded free for most smart phones and tablets.

The black and white pixels look pretty cool and make interesting random patterns that people might not realise mean something until they point their phones at them.

So whether you want to share a secret, pass on a loving message or even be a little bit cheeky this personalised QR code cushion is the perfect secret message sending gift.

The cushion measures 46 cm square.

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