Name a Star For Lovers


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  • Ideal for a star gazing happy couple
  • Look up and remember your stars are always there
  • Great romantic gift for lovers

Immortalise your love by naming 2 neighbouring stars for eternity!!

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Name a Star For Lovers product image

Show how much you care and immortalise your love forever by naming 2 neighbouring stars. You'll be able to look up at night and picture your 2 stars twinkling away next to each other.

With your gift pack you will receive a valentines framed certificate with the names of both stars and their unique database reference numbers. The two names will be recorded within Intergalactic Star Database and allocated a unique star number from this database. Please note this is a fun, inspirational gift and scientific institutions will continue to refer to stars by their catalogue number of co-ordinates only.

 Pack Contents:


  • Presentation box
  • Introduction letter
  • Framed A4 Personalised Certificate with star names.
  • 2 x star area co-ordinates sheets (actual facts on your stars position)
  • Guide to astronomy starter pack including night sky book, star chart and planisphere to locate your actual star in the sky.
  • 2 Red heart Chocolates

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