Green Monster Hangover Mug


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  • What do you need when you have a hangover?
  • Try our Green Monster Hangover Mug
  • Personalise with a name upto 15 characters

Our Personalised Green Monster Hangover Mug is the perfect recovery gift for any party animal.

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Green Monster Hangover Mug product image

What's the first thing you need when you wake up with a stinking hangover? A nice big mug of tea or coffee! So why not use our Green Monster Hangover Mug? Buy it for someone who you know who suffers after drinking! Personalise with a name of up to 15 characters above the fixed text ‘Monster Hangover Mug!’ This green themed mug is 9cm tall, 11cm wide (including handle) and 8cm diameter. We recommend hand wash only.

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