Arty Mouse Words - Hardback


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  • Personalised Hardback Children's Book
  • A gift that helps children learn
  • Bright colours and engaging content
  • A lovely keepsake gift from childhood

A bright personalised book that helps children to learn words. Your child will be delighted by their name appearing throughout this hardback book and the personal message printed in the opening pages will turn it into a treasured keepsake gift.

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Arty Mouse Words - Hardback product image

Arty Mouse books are colourful and personalised to help children engage with the ideas they see on the page and make learning fun.


In this Arty Mouse personalised children's book complex ideas are broken down into simple steps that your child can work through themselves. Important early learning concepts, such as learning letters and words, are approached in a way that will inspire creativity and help your child enjoy letter-based activities.


Seeing their own name printed within the pages also helps your child to learn it, engage with the games and stories in the book and sees them learning all about words and basic reading skills while enjoying themselves.


In addition to their name appearing throughout this hardback book, you can have any personal message of your choice printed inside the opening pages to create a gift that will not only be useful while they are a child but can be saved as a keepsake for when they are older.

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