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Turning 50 is a pretty big milestone for anybody and what better way to celebrate than with our personalised 50th birthday gitfs. We hope you will find the perfect gift for what is such a special occasion.

More than 200 personalised 50th birthday gifts for all tastes

It can prove difficult to find the right present for such an important milestone and finding the right gift is important. Start by browsing through our collection of personalised 50th birthday gifts which includes a 50th Birthday Square Glass Keepsake, a Gift Boxed Original Newspaper and many more. 

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Birthday Sweets

Birthday Sweets


A 50th birthday is definitely one to celebrate and you should celebrate it with unique and thoughtful personalised 50th birthday gifts. We have a range of gifts including photo frames (so you can capture the moment) to bottles of wine and spirits, with personalised labels (with gift boxes and optional original newspapers available to) and many more.